Our Beliefs

Change Assembly helps organizations to understand and solve complex human problems through data, technology and community. These principles of change drive how we think about our work, and how we work with you.
Embrace change

Change is here to stay,
embrace it.

We live in an era of unprecedented and accelerating change. Organizations that adapt and embrace the potential of change will thrive, despite volatility and uncertainty.

Open is the future

Open is the future.
Closed is the past.

Open source. Open data. Open innovation. Engage the awesome power of collaboration and community to supercharge your organization. Going it alone in the age of real-time information and big data is a recipe for failure.

Self Organizing Networks

Self-organizing networks are efficient. Hierarchies are not.

Hierarchical organizations are easily overwhelmed by information overload and struggle to respond effectively. Self-organizing networks are agile, adaptable and robust.

You're organization is data driven

Your organization is data-driven
whether you realize it or not.

Understanding your organization’s data environment will make it smarter, more agile and more efficient irrespective of your core mission. Organizations that fail to recognize this will struggle.

Lead by empowering others

Lead by empowering others

You never know where the most valuable insight or the next great idea will come from. By engaging with innovation communities and truly empowering them to succeed, their success will be yours. Leadership in this space requires trust and trust is given when you empower others.

Innovation is about people

Innovation is about people

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that innovation is exclusively about technology. Ignoring people, culture and processes in the design of technology will result in failure.

You don;t have to reinvent the wheel

Don’t reinvent the wheel.
Reuse and recycle.

Before you build anything, look around, chances are someone is probably already working on a solution to your problem.